Pre Start Visits

We welcome any invitation to a pre-start meeting. As well as introducing ourselves to you, it gives us the opportunity to establish essential details such as access times and any restrictions, and ensure the correct mortar is being supplied with the correct consistency to suit your application.

This means you get the right products for your project and they are delivered on time and safely for you, your neighbours and our drivers.


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All mortars supplied by The Mortar and Screed Company Ltd. are produced and manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 998-1 & BS EN 998-2 under a quality system externally audited and certified to ISO 9001. The Mortar and Screed Company Ltd. offer a comprehensive technical sales support service for specifiers and customers. Appointments can be booked for site visits and we welcome an invite to pre-start meeting.

All The Mortar & Screed Company’s Ready To Use mortar provides excellent durability due to the carefully selected materials used and accurately proportioned mixing. Our Ready To Use mortar will provide a consistence that would be extremely difficult to replicate with site mixed material.

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Floor Screed

Generally retarded to remain workable for a minimum of 8 hours, our traditional sand cement range is suitable for all conventional screed applications, including monolithic, bonded and unbonded construction and as a floating screed. It has a distinct advantage over site mixed material with guaranteed mixed proportions. Order as little as one tonne.


Whether you’re looking for a clean, contemporary finish or simply want to improve insulation, our quality ready-to-use renders provide a durable finish to any building.

Ready To Use Mortar

Guaranteed to remain workable for two working days our ready-to-use mortar requires no further mixing. It has excellent workability characteristics and is highly efficient. Our experienced staff are always available to advise on retardation, how to maximise material usage and minimise on-site waste. Order as little as 1m³ for delivery or 0.25m³ for collection.

Mason Mix

Using our own specially developed grading of sand from our own quarries and mixed in our own fully automated dedicated plants, we are able to provide bespoke sand to match most colours.

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Mortar Matching

Our specialist mortar matching service ensures the mortar colour and texture is the same as your building. To enhance a building appearance, choose from our selection of over fifty colours with a variety of shades.

Site Visits

To ensure you are completely satisfied with the product and our service, we make regular site visits to keep the process running smoothly and efficiently.

Delivery and Collection

We have invested in a new fleet of trucks including a bespoke designed mortar delivery vehicle which has been developed with our partner manufacturer.